myterm: Rigorous or unusually severe.
Derived from Draco, a politician in Athens whose legal code provided for exceedingly harsh punishments. In the world, I refer to those developers who seek to validate their code against W3C standards, specifically XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS level 1.
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Javascript Browser Cookies - Deleting a Cookie

Remove a Cookie - Javascript

The javascript cookie methods on these pages demonstrate how to:
  • set/put a cookie - Try it
  • get/read a cookie - Try it
  • delete/remove a cookie - Try it
  • restrict webpage access based on a cookie - Try it

Delete the Cookie

This page demonstrates one method of effectively deleting a client-side cookie using Javascript. For this example, we will 'expire' the cookie, by changing the cookie's expiration date to the August 19, 1996. After the cookie has been deleted, you can generate a new cookie on the Setting a Javascript Cookie page. If a cookie is present on your machine, you'll see a button below which will allow you to Delete the Cookie.
Examining cookie...
To delete (expire) the cookie, simply put a call to the javascript function in your HTML page. In my example, I attach the javascript function to the onclick() event of an input button:
<input type="button" value="Delete Cookie" onclick="javascript:cookieDelete();" />
The cookieDelete() javascript function needs to be defined, either before the ending <head> tag in the current document or in an external javascript file, as follows:
var cookieText = "Put your desired cookie value here";
var cookiePrefix = "";
var myPage = location.href;
var wwwFlag = myPage.indexOf('www');
if (wwwFlag > 0) {
cookiePrefix = "www";
var cookieName = cookiePrefix + "cbCookie";
function cookieDelete() {
if (document.cookie != document.cookie) {
index = document.cookie.indexOf(cookie_name);
} else {
index = -1;
if (index == -1) {
document.cookie=cookie_name+"=GONEcbEndCookie; expires=Monday, 19-Aug-1996 05:00:00 GMT";
document.location.href = document.location.href;
//to reload without queryString parameters, use the line below instead
//document.location = document.location.href.substring(0,document.location.href.indexOf("?"));
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