myterm: Rigorous or unusually severe.
Derived from Draco, a politician in Athens whose legal code provided for exceedingly harsh punishments. In the world, I refer to those developers who seek to validate their code against W3C standards, specifically XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS level 1.
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Javascript Browser Cookies - Restrict Access by Testing a Cookie

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Restricting Access Based on a Cookie - Javascript

The javascript cookie methods on these pages demonstrate how to:
  • set/put a cookie - Try it
  • get/read a cookie - Try it
  • delete/remove a cookie - Try it
  • restrict webpage access based on a cookie - Try it

Test the Cookie

This sample page demonstrates how test a client-side cookie using Javascript. We are checking the value stored in the cookie that we set on the Setting a Javascript Cookie page.
Examining cookie...
Potential Security Breach!
Using only HTML and javascript does not provide any real security for your website, since all of the client-side source code (including your PassValue) can be easily retrieved from the web page. Using ASP to set and read cookies provides a higher degree of security, since ASP can employ server-side code which will not be visible to website visitors. This example is intended only for illustrative purposes to help visitors to the website understand and work with client-side cookies.
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The following sample code demonstrates how to compare the value stored in the cookie to a predetermined value of your choosing. If the values match, the user is directed to a new web page: YourPassURL.html. If the values don't match, YourFailURL.html is loaded instead. To implement this cookie test, put the following javascript before the ending <head> tag in the current document:
<script type="text/javascript">
cookieGet(); // gets the cookie and assigns it to YouWrote
if (YouWrote == "PassValue") {
//cookie matches your PassValue, go to pass page
document.location.href = "YourPassURL.html";
} else {
//cookie doesn't match, go to fail page
document.location.href = "YourFailURL.html";
The cookieGet() javascript function needs to be defined, either before the ending <head> tag in the current document or in an external javascript file, as follows:
var cookieText = "Put your desired cookie value here";
var cookiePrefix = "";
var myPage = location.href;
var wwwFlag = myPage.indexOf('www');
if (wwwFlag > 0) {
cookiePrefix = "www";
var cookieName = cookiePrefix + "cbCookie";
function cookieGet() {
if (document.cookie) {
index = document.cookie.indexOf(cookie_name);
if (index != -1) {
namestart = (document.cookie.indexOf("=", index) + 1);
nameend = document.cookie.indexOf("cbEndCookie;", index);
if (nameend == -1) {
nameend = 0;
YouWrote = document.cookie.substring(namestart, nameend);
return YouWrote;
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